Nuances matter, but fuck it, this is the internet

This post could alternatively be named a skeptical defense of Go. Skeptical, because, despite having used Go a lot and continuingly chosing Go — I’m not actually a big fan of the language. But at the same time I feel like this subject comes up often enough that I want to write down my thoughts on the language regardless of whether you’re a Go fan or one of the people who insists on jumping into anything about Go and telling everyone how stupid the language is.

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Försikt: shouldn't we vet libraries in Go?

Thoughts about auditing A couple of years ago, I stumbled over Cargo Vet. That project introduces itself like this: The cargo vet subcommand is a tool to help projects ensure that third-party Rust dependencies have been audited by a trusted entity. It strives to be lightweight and easy to integrate. When run, cargo vet matches all of a project’s third-party dependencies against a set of audits performed by the project authors or entities they trust.

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Thoughts on geodata

I’ve not been coding a lot during the past month since I quit my job at Grafana Labs to take a stab at an extended vacation and thinking a bit about my next steps in life. I have however been spending some time at the computer working on a problem that have been a special interest of mine for quite a while: Mapping. Maps have always fascinated me. A well-made map is like artwork that translates into a real life adventure.

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Opening a chapter

I enjoy writing. I often cannot for the life of me type a single character that I don’t instantly regret and delete. And then suddenly, a single sentence makes its way onto a paper or a screen and the ideas are given life through words. And another sentence joins it, and then finally it’s almost hard to not write. I have to find a pace that won’t bore the reader, yet express what I want said.

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